TAALK offers CSA Best Practices training to parents and teachers in the Miramonte community free of charge

The new teachers and staff started work at Miramonte Elementary school last Thursday, as the school tries to regroup after allegations of abuse against multiple teachers and a move by the District to replace the entire staff at the school.

To promote healing and prevent future abuse, TAALK, (Talk About Abuse to Liberate Kids), a worldwide organization fighting against child sexual abuse and helping support sexual abuse survivors through their healing processes, is offering its CSA Best PracticesTM Training free of charge to all new teachers at Miramonte Elementary School, and to parents of Miramonte students.

This training would normally cost a school of Miramonte’s size $2,500.

“Our CSA Best PracticesTM Training is different from other sex abuse training  programs out there,” says Diane Cranley, Founder of TAALK and creator of the CSA Best PracticesTM Training, “because it clearly spells out the boundaries that need to be put in place to protect kids in organizations that serve youth – and what to do if those boundaries are crossed.”

Cranley says TAALK’s program empowers parents, staff, teachers and kids to speak up if something’s not right, by clearly outlining the behavior that is acceptable, and not acceptable, in youth-serving organizations.

“We know the behaviors that predators exhibit before they hurt children,” says Cranley. “If we can teach others to spot those behaviors, we can stop abuse before it happens.”

TAALK has reached out to LAUSD to offer the training for use at Miramonte Elementary School. District officials have not made a decision yet as to whether to accept the offer.

Visit http://www.taalk.org/

CSABestPractices for more information on CSA Best PracticesTM Training.

For more information, contact:
Diane Cranley
TAALK Founder and Creator of CSA Best PracticesTM Training

TAALK is a US-based, federally approved 501©(3) non-profit organization with a core belief that child sexual abuse is predictable, preventable, and we all play a part in the solution. TAALK is an acronym for Talk About Abuse to Liberate Kids. The TAALK dream is to eliminate child sexual abuse in communities around the world. Until then, TAALK will vigilantly carry out its mission to reduce children’s vulnerability to child sexual abuse and to support survivors through the healing process. For more about how TAALK is impacting the world and how you can impact your community, visit http://www.taalk.org.

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Take the opportunity to tell your medical providers and lab technicians about the child sexual abuse statistics and that you’re committed to lowering the risk for your child and invite him/her to go to our website to learn more. This is a great way to let them know that you and your child are savvy and therefore off-limits. This will raise their awareness as well.

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